Mark Geoghegan

I am Professor of Soft Matter Physics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sheffield. My research interests centre around the physics of polymers at surfaces and interfaces, heterogeneous media (gels), semiconducting polymers, biophysics, and soft nanotechnology.

Photograph of Mark with Arnaud back in 2008.

I have been fortunate to learn from many talented individuals throughout my career. I am pictured here with one of them. On my arrival in Sheffield at the end of 2000 it was clear that I had to learn about the complexities of adhesion if I were to realize some of my research goals. I have learnt from a few of the world's experts but none more so than from Arnaud Chiche (pictured right, with me in 2008), who was not only a very talented scientist and tutor to me, but one of life's real nice guys. He recently passed away at the unforgivably early age of 41 and has left a big hole in the hearts of so many people, including my own. I shall miss him enormously.

Research highlights from my group include the directed diffusion of single polymer molecules as well as work on the switchable adhesion (and who taught me about adhesion?) of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes.

Single polymer diffusion & switchable adhesion.

I have recently written a book on polymer electronics with my colleague Georges Hadziioannou of the University of Bordeaux.

Polymer Electronics book & Georges Hadziioannou.

I am also a co-author and co-editor of Nanoscale Science and Technology, a textbook introducing nanoscience and nanotechnology to final year undergraduates and graduate students. This book provides core material for graduate-level training courses, including our own.

Nanoscale Science and Technology book.

Georges presents the book to M. Hollande.

Right: The French President, M. François Hollande (left) visited my colleague Georges in Bordeaux in January 2013, whereupon Georges presented him with the first copy of our book, Polymer Electronics. I had to wait until April, like everyone else, to get my copy.

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