Group photograph taken in November 2011.

Former students and postdocs

Before, I start, the above is an old photo in front of Firth Court at the University of Sheffield, and most of the above have left, including me. But Emilia Hudzik started her PhD in 2018! I don't know when I'll get a new group photo. Probably when there is nobody left from my group in Sheffield. In Newcastle, Rachel Lee and Joshua Cunday, Bassam Aljohani, and Abudulraheem Alrefai are taking their doctorates under my supervision. Dr Adriana Sierra-Romero, is a postdoctoral research associate in my group. I am also co-supervising Fengyi (Mandy) Wang and Hosni Elwan. Finally, I have a remote location student, Mai Ibrahim doing a PhD in Saudi Arabia under the joint supervision programme with King Abdulaziz University. I'll update this page as soon as possible!

Youmna Mouhamad, Amy Hall, Sarah Canning, Chris Clarkson, Lorena Ruiz-Pérez, Johann de Silva, Zhang Zhenyu, Ana Rodríguez-Rodríguez and Rita La Spina are former students, who completed their PhDs and left the group. Jason (Zhang Zhenyu) came back again, bless him. He then left, and you'll have to click on his page to see where he is now! Matt Mears didn't leave though, and is on the Department's academic staff. Mike Tomlinson, Steve Carter, Rachel Walton, and Pierre Burgos also spent time in the group as postdoctoral fellows and have since left for pastures new. Other former students include Ateyyah passed his viva and he now has a faculty position at Taif University. Yu Pen has also since left, having passed his exam, and is now a civil servant back in Taiwan. Latifah Alfaid is now a lecturer at the University of Ha'il. Maryam left for the United States to undertake postdoctoral research before sadly passing away in 2021 after a long illness.

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