PhD student working on materials for bioelectronics
Photograph of Rachel in the lab.

Rachel is from Gateshead, which is across the River Tyne from Newcastle. Rachel bravely crossed the river to study Chemistry at Newcastle University and when she finished, she decided to do a PhD with me, which was nice. Rachel is working on biodegradable materials with applications in bioelectronics, and is therefore following in the footsteps of Emily. Rachel is being supervised with Dr Marloes Peeters, whose interest and expertise in biosensing is very useful for this kind of work. But Rachel is a lot more than a chemist. She can tinkle the ivories to grade 5. I don't really know what that means because I haven't heard, but I guess she is pretty good at the piano. But there is more to come! Rachel is in the Guiness World Records for synchronized swimming! Apparently, Rachel and her two teammates did five three-membered dolphin rotations faster than anyone else in history! There was a video of this somewhere, but it is no longer available, so I haven't seen it and therefore cannot show it here. Anyway, well done Rachel. So not only have I supervised the grandson of a second cousin of Cliff Richard, I have a world-record holder in my group. Well, it does not get much better than that.

Dr Marloes Peeters

Oral presentations

UK-Poland-Ukraine Bioinspired Materials Conference, (online), November 2022.

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