PhD student me working on biomaterials for bioelectronics.
Photograph of Emily Hall on a train.

Emily was born in Leeds and did her degree in Chemistry in Bristol where she worked in industry for a year with Lucite International. There she made bioperspex which is basically PMMA from renewable materials. She tells me that this was high pressure decarboxylation of itaconic acid leaving methacrylic acid which is esterified into MMA, which can be polymerized into PMMA. But you knew that. Anyway, this took four years of her life, and ended in 2016 when searching for pastures new she came across this beautiful web page – the best that Barry Kaye has done – and sent me an e-mail. The rest, as they say, is history. She arrived in October 2016. Anyway, Emily likes sitting on trains and playing the bass guitar. Not at the same time. The photo shows her doing the former. If she cannot become a singer-songwriter like her hero Frank Turner, she will be a big cheese in industry. That’s the plan anyway. At the moment, she’s making clever hydrogels that can be applied to bioelectronic applications. The project is in collaboration with my friends in Modena and Cambridge. Sitting on trains is not really a hobby of hers by the way. It’s her dad’s.

Professor Fabio Biscarini

Professor Ruth Cameron


Oral presentations:

ACS Fall meeting, San Diego, USA, August 2019

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