Former PhD student working on diffusion in complex media and structure and dynamics of smart polymers.
Photograph of Ateyyah Al-Baradi.

Ateyyah comes from Ta'if, a city on the western side of Saudi Arabia, not too far from Mecca. Having graduated from Umm Al-Qura University with a degree in physics, Ateyyah came to Sheffield in 2006 with a Saudi government scholarship to learn about nanotechnology (he did the Leeds-Sheffield degree in Nanoscale Science and Technology) and then to do a PhD, which he started in January 2008. For some reason he chose to work with me, and so he is using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy to measure the diffusion of polymers in complex media (gels) and also to look at hyperbranched polymers which have been synthesized by Steve Rimmer's group in the Chemistry Department. (Actually Steve Carter was responsible for much of that work when he was in the Rimmer group.) To that end neutron scattering was performed on the polymers and we gained some insight into the dynamics of these temperature-responsive materials. On Monday December 12, 2011 Ateyyah successfully defended his thesis in a stamina-sapping 3.75 h examination by his examiners, Dr (now Prof.) João Cabral (Imperial College London) and Professor Nigel Clarke (University of Sheffield). The above photo is taken a month after Ateyyah left Sheffield in his new (temporary) office at Ta'if University, where he has a permanent position as a member of academic staff. He is now full Professor there. Well done!

Professor João Cabral's home page

Professor Nigel Clarke's home page


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Oral presentations

Advanced Nano Materials 2010, Agadir, Morocco, September 2010.

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