PhD student working on a reversible glue
Photograph of Bassam in Abha, Saudi Arabia.

Bassam is from Yanbu in Saudi Arabia and is a lecturer there at the Yanbu Industrial College. His employers were very keen on him getting a UK education and wisely sent him to Newcastle University to do an MSc in chemical engineering, which he passed with distinction. At the earliest opportunity Bassam fled the North East to return to Saudi Arabia, not for any intrinsic dislike of Newcastle, but because it was 2020 and there were repeated lockdowns. In 2023 Bassam returned to Newcastle. He obviously cannot get enough of it. But this time to do a PhD with me. I was of course very happy to accommodate him. He is working on our new reversible glue, with a view to making it work in different aspects of the electronics industry to help reduce e-waste. Here he is working with Dr Katarina Novakovic and Professor Volker Pickert, as well as Adriana.

Dr Katarina Novakovic

Professor Volker Pickert

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