Emilia is using force spectroscopy to understand biofilms
Photograph of Emilia with Jamie and Emily in San Diego.

Emilia joined my group after having completed a first class chemistry degree at the University of Sheffiel in Octber 2018. Born in Krakow in Poland, she came to England as a young girl. Emilia had a variety of interests as a child, but one has been with her for years. Emilia tells me that she has always wanted to be an archaeologist – that's Indiana Jones for you – but in the end studied chemistry. In the final yeat of her chemistry degree, she decided that she wanted to do a PhD and applied for the Polymers, Soft Matter, and Colloids Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT). These studentships require industrial co-sponsorships, and unfortunately there were none left. Fortunately, at the eleventh hour Lonza Chemical stepped in with funding for me to support a PhD studentship on the CDT. I was delighted that Emilia had been through her interview and offered her the place, the fiftieth studentship funded by the CDT, out of a total of fifty studentships. This does not mean Emilia came fiftieth! Anyway, Emilia is looking at how biofilms grow on surfaces and in different environments using force spectroscopy. Of course, I have fled Sheffield for sunny Newcastle, and so we are now working together with Andy Parnell in Sheffield who provides co-supervision, and a cheery nature. The photo shows Emilia in August 2019 with her colleagues Jamie and Emily, outside the San Diego Convention Centre, where she had presented a poster of her work at the ACS Fall meeting. This is nice, but Emilia wouldn't let us use our favourite photo of her.

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Polymers, Soft Matter, and Colloids

Dr Andrew Parnell


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