Former PhD student working on interactions between polyelectrolyte networks and brushes.
Photograph of Lorena Ruiz-Perez.

Lorena Ruiz-Pérez is from Seville, where she did her first degree in Physics. In the summer of 2002 she moved to Sheffield to start her doctoral work on the interactions between polyelectrolyte networks and brushes. This work is a collaboration between the Departments of Physics and Astronomy and Chemistry. Much of her work was undertaken in the Department of Chemistry with the late Professor Ian Soutar and Dr Linda Swanson (with no small contribution from Dr Andy Pryke), where this photo was taken. Other aspects of the work involved neutron reflectometry, where she was part of a collaboration with Professors Tony Ryan (Paul Topham and Dr Colin Crook) and Richard Jones (Andrew Parnell and Drs Jon Howse and Simon Martin). On (Friday!) October 13, 2006 Lorena successfully defended her thesis before her examiners, Dr Tom Waigh (University of Manchester) and Dr (now Professor) Patrick Fairclough (then of the Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield).

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Oral presentations and prizes

European Polymer Congress, Moscow, June 2005

Skinner prize for best poster, Faraday Discussion 128, Leeds, July 2004

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