Postdoctoral research associate working on polyelectrolyte brushes and comb polymers, and a member of the PolyFilm Framework 6 Research Training Network.
Photograph of Mike Tomlinson.

Mike Tomlinson is from North Carolina State University where he gained his doctorate under Jan Genzer's supervision. Mike is something of an expert on polymer brushes, which makes him very useful. Very very useful. He joined my group in 2005 to work on novel polyelectrolyte brushes, and is pictured here making some. (Actually, he isn't. It's a pose.) He worked with Rita on the switchable adheison project, but also developed comb polymers that could be deposited on a substrate to create smart polymer brushes. He has now returned to the United States, where he has started a career in teaching. We'd like him back though.

Switchable adhesion

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Oral presentations

Polyfilm: Confined Polymer Films, Sheffield, September 2008

IUPAC and ACS Conference on "Macromolecules for a Safe, Sustainable and Healthy World", New York, USA, June 2007.

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